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Development requires you to wear many hats. Managing your broker does not need to be one of them.

Our clients will tell you that Monarch Realty is among the most dynamic teams they’ve ever brought on, but it’s not for the reasons you might think. Is it because we break quarterly sales records? (No, but we do.) Is it because we also have residential experience? (No, but we do.) Any broker can list and sell, but we bring a wealth of services, knowledge, and experience that few other brokers can offer you: experience as marketers, interior designers, historic preservation specialists, and emerging neighborhood developers ourselves.

That may seem like a lot for one brokerage, but these services bundled under one roof add up to less money spent, more leads converted, and less of your time wasted on oversight.

Projects that leveraged our extended services


helped developers pre-sell over $41M in units.

come to collect and analyze over 4,500 leads of potential buyers just for downtown condos.

consulted on multiple historic projects and tax credit structures.

become trusted interior design partners for developers.



Dedicated Broker

Every development project receives one full-time lead broker with support from a smaller internal team.

Dedicated Buyer Assistant:

Your lead broker will be completely available to answer every question from potential buyers and buyers under contract. We hold the hands of all buyers under contract to keep them worry-free through the closing date. We help guide them through picking finishes, managing the deposit schedule, and keep them completely up-to-date on your construction process as it changes.

Land Acquisitions:

When you know downtown like we do, every property is on your radar. Tell us about your project, and we’ll tell you about every site that will matter to you.


Using MLS is a given, but we also operate as though we’re in the age of analytics. Because we are.

Leads don’t just come from around the Southeast anymore. The Triangle market has attracted investment interest from around the world, and we capture and pursue those leads that other more conventional methods miss. With our approach, we not only generate our own leads, but we constantly learn from our results and adjust our marketing approaches in order to improve our conversion.

That’s how on one project, after we analyzed, we slimmed down a 28 days-to-convert (lead to contract) into 7 days-to-convert.

New Marketing Strategies:

We constantly invest and analyze digital marketing strategies with a global reach, including social media, online paid advertising, and analytics.

In-House Lead Generation:

With our in-house marketing, we don’t just rely on MLS syndications for leads. The results? Generating our own led to over 4,500 leads on one project alone. And after converting all our leads, we’ve accumulated these lists of interested prospects for any future products that we sell.

Creative Network:

Downtown prospects have certain expectations for the quality of the online media they digest. We partner with leading local marketing creatives to present your product in a beautifully designed way that speaks to them.

Advertising Relationships:

We maintain agency relationships and ad buys with established publications from the TBJ to the WSJ. So you aren’t obligated to add PR or Advertising to your budget on a per-project basis. You’ll also have access to a Creative Services team of copywriters, graphic designers and more.

interior & urban design SERVICES

Our most important job as your broker is to sell your product, so we work with you to make sure that you bring the most sellable product to the downtown market with our interior design services. And because we’ve completed downtown projects as developers ourselves, we understand the nuance between where you need to spend the money on a project and where you don’t.

Layout Optimization:

We know what downtown buyers want and we work with the architectural team to ensure that unit layouts are going to meet those expectations. That might range from the interior distribution of light to the width of a hallway.

Interior Finishes:

Our knowledge about downtown buyers results in selections that are both desirable and cost-effective. We’ll take care of all the interior details: from the appliances and countertops in the kitchen to the hardware on the bathroom vanity.


As you envision your project, we’ll help shape it to become a destination for the downtown audience and buyer. From historic adaptive reuse to urban planning for new builds.

public program consulting services

How could your project utilize the NC Brownfields Program? What about Historic Tax Credits?

In addition to our unique background in restoring historic homes, through our experience redeveloping a $30-million historic warehouse in downtown Raleigh (through our sister company, Monarch Property Co.), we’ve learned how to assess, navigate, and combine the various tax credits that are possible with downtown properties.

Development clients have tapped our knowledge (and our professional network) for all of the following incentive, tax credit, or public programs:

  • New Market Tax Credit Program

  • Historic Tax Credit Program

  • NC Mill Credit Program

  • Pre-1936 Tax Credit Program

  • NC Brownfields Program

  • Opportunity Zones

  • Local Landmark Status

  • Public, Private, Partnerships (PPP)

  • Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs)

  • 1031 Tax Deferred Property Exchanges

  • Tax Credit Syndication Programs


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