At Monarch Realty, we offer you something that’s a little different.

Most brokers can tell you what there is in downtown, or Five Points, or East Raleigh. But most other brokers can’t tell you what there will be. We can tell you when the next eatery will set up shop at Transfer Co. Food Hall or how many luxury townhomes are coming to the Warehouse District or when you can move into one of those townhomes at Cameron Village.

We’ll find you the perfect unit for downtown’s newest high-rise condos or let you in on when that adorable bungalow in Five Points will be on the market. And it’s because we don’t just sell you downtown. Raleigh is where our team members live, where we’ve restored homes, where we raise our kids, and where we hope to retire.

All Roads Lead Home

Monarch Realty has listings in all of the Raleigh’s most sought after neighborhoods, from high rise condos with electric city views to townhomes tucked away on quieter streets. Use our interactive map to see where your new home awaits.

Home Buying

Buying a home isn’t easy, but at Monarch Realty, it can be. At Monarch Realty we value your needs. Partnering with a Monarch Realty broker means saying no to settling. From the moment buying a home in Raleigh is just an idea in your head to the day we drop the keys in your hand to your one-year anniversary celebration, Monarch Realty brokers will work to find you your dream home.


Selling your home should not be a guessing game—at Monarch Realty, it’s the opposite. When you sell with Monarch Realty, we use our unparalleled market knowledge to get you the best offer possible. Selling with us means tapping into an extensive network of ready buyers, thousands of websites to place your listing and top-notch marketing resources to ensure a quick close on the sale of your home.

Experience Raleigh

Whether it’s the artistic lure of the Historic Warehouse District, the mouthwatering scent emanating from the Fayetteville Street District’s award-winning restaurants or the quieter charm that is the Seaboard District attracting you to the capital city, Monarch Realty knows how to help you find your Raleigh. Encompassing six downtown districts and seven in the surrounding areas, finding your perfect pocket in the City of Oaks can be overwhelming. Check out our comprehensive guide of each unique district.

Explore Our Video

Headquartered between Fayetteville Street and the Historic Moore Square District, Monarch Realty operates at the very heartbeat of Downtown Raleigh.

It’s simple – we know Raleigh, because we live it.

Our office space embodies the soul of Monarch Realty, effortlessly cool with its original exposed brick seamlessly accentuating streamline modern finishes.  At Monarch Realty we value the history that built the city we love, while welcoming its bright future and our building exemplifies that.

Watch this video to understand why we love where we work.

Headquartered in Downtown Raleigh, between Fayetteville St. and the Historic Moore Square District, we know The Triangle. Whether it's a condo, townhome, single family house, office or retail space, we are your real estate brokerage firm.

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